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Alita Co… Wellness Redefined

Our Mission: We’re dedicated to enhancing self-care through thoughtfully crafted products that promote overall well-being.

Our Approach: We believe that true wellness involves nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional health. Our products are designed to empower you on your journey towards self-love and self-care, ensuring you have the tools you need every step of the way.

Simplified Self-Care: In a world where the self-care market can be overwhelming, we’re here to simplify your choices. We advocate for products that are clean, natural, and vegan, providing you with transparent information that’s easy to access. This allows you to make informed decisions that align with your self-care values.

Empowering Journeys: We recognize the power of journaling as a pathway to inner peace, self-reflection, and personal growth. Our range of guided journals covers a spectrum of topics, from healing emotional wounds to mapping out financial plans. Embrace the potential of journaling to embark on a fulfilling self-care journey.

More Than a Company: Our mission goes beyond business. We’re committed to making affordable self-care resources readily available to you. By doing so, we’re striving to integrate self-care seamlessly into your life, enabling you to prioritize your well-being effortlessly.

Introducing Alyanna and Nikita, the visionary minds behind Alita Co. 

Meet Alyanna, a compassionate Registered Nurse, a dedicated blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur. Her university years were a journey of self-discovery, as she learned the value of self-growth and emotional well-being through interactions with diverse peers. Inspired by her transformative experiences, Alyanna founded PersonALY Me!, her personal blog, to create a supportive community for growth and self-development. Her blog quickly became a source of comfort and inspiration for many.

Driven by her passion for sharing stories and making wellness accessible, Alyanna expanded her wellness journey to create a line of personal products, including natural facial and hair creams/oils and budgeting templates. These creations reflect her commitment to emotional and physical self-care, eventually aspiring to turn Alita Co. into a source of inspiration and warmth, inviting others to embark on their own transformative wellness journeys.

Now, let’s meet Nikita Mavadia, a resilient co-founder of Alita Co. Nikita’s life as a South Asian woman with a disability posed unique challenges, compounded by her autism and ADHD. Throughout her life, she faced the challenges of staying organized and managing her daily tasks. Nikita discovered her own unique way of finding comfort by using colors to organize her schedule. This discovery led her to realize that conventional journals just didn’t work for her because she couldn’t connect with them. Instead, she found that by creating tools to help with executive function, she could not only improve her own life but also help others facing similar difficulties.

Nikita’s experiences have driven her to advocate for disability needs and accessible clean products. At Alita Co., she and her team are dedicated to curating wellness products that transcend physical health, addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being with empathy and care.

Together, Alyanna and Nikita have built Alita Co. into more than just a business; it’s a source of inspiration and connection, inviting all to begin their transformative journeys toward a healthier and happier life.